Taxation services

Taxation services

Tax planning, documentation and representation are a few superficial aspects of the highly specialized are of accounting known as Taxation. Our taxation accountants hold years of experience and expertise in the field of taxation and accounting and can aid your taxation department in maintaining tax-ready accounting records and filing tax returns.

Our Taxation Services

In the field of financial planning and accounting, taxation constitutes for the most complex challenge. Tax planning and strategy needs to be executed with a high level of expertise in order to avoid unnecessary legal hassles and penalties. Our taxation services will aid your organization in timely tax auditing, documentation and tax return filing so that you save both time and money. Our taxation services include:

  • Assurance that appropriate taxes are withheld on payment to local vendors & Non-resident payments
  • Corporate Tax Planning
  • Keep tabs on Accounts Payable
  • Deposition of tax deductions from Salaries paid to Expats
  • Compilation & Issuing TDS (Tax deducted at source) Certificate for to employee & vendors
  • Preparation of Corporate Tax Returns
  • Compilation of data, preparation and filing, with the Tax Authorities, the Returns for Taxes withheld (incl. Taxes withheld from Salaries) as per the prevailing provisions of Income Tax Laws

  • Beneficial Attributes Of Our Taxation Services

    Whatever Business you run, all your financial transactions affect your tax strategy. With Our Taxation Services you can :

  • 1. Avail organized tax strategy analysis and planning
  • 2. Get Timely reports of services such as tax payments, tax return filing and employee salary related tax deductions
  • 3. Get regular updates on government levied tax rates and slabs
  • 4. Guaranteed financial data security and taxation plan confidentiality