Payroll Processing & Benefits Administration

Taxation services

With the widely distributed workforces and the continual change in the business requirements, payroll services are vital for your organization to function efficiently. Our payroll services are meant to facilitate you and your employees. An organized payroll management system is involves all the services for the maintenance of employee records, throughout their employment period. AINO provides a well organized payroll and benefits administration system that handles all payroll related issues in a timely manner, so that you don’t have to worry about payroll processing anymore.

Our Payroll Services

An organized payroll service system encompasses everything that affect the salary of employees such as records of timings (log in to log out), records of the casual as well as medical leaves, loans taken by employees, tax deductions, employee provident fund etc. Our Payroll Services extend support for organization and timely improvisation of all these services so that you generate error-free pay and benefits. Our payroll services include:

  • 1. Preparation & processing of monthly payroll of the employees, considering attendance, leave, fixed and variable entitlements (including perks), statutory      deductions like Income Tax TDS, Provident Fund, Profession Tax, Advance against salary and deductions towards loans, etc.
  • 2. Distribution of pay-slips to employees
  • 3. Preparation of company policies on matters like compensation, travel, loans, etc
  • 4. Structuring of employee compensation for tax optimization
  • 5. Benefits administration
  • 6. Ensuring adequate insurance coverage for all employees
  • 7. Advising Employees on Tax saving (if required) in case of their Individual Income Tax return as per Indian Income tax Act.
  • 8. Extending consolidated salary advice to designated Officer for approval which will contain the details of gross salary (including break – up), deductions (including     break – up) and net salary for each employee per month.

  • Beneficial Features Of Our Payroll Services

    Our Payroll services constitute a range of features so as to faciliate smooth processing and accurate results. Some of the most important benefits of our payroll services include:

  • 1. Complete security and confidentiality of salary information of employees throughout the payroll process.
  • 2. Timely review of norms and laws related to payroll & statutory compliances so as to ensure employees are given their due.
  • 3. High-tech infrastructure and state-of art technology to help maintain accuracy of payroll processing
  • 4. Comprehensive payroll and benefits administration by our experienced and qualified payroll accounting team.