reveals the economic aspects. In short, it can exactly pinpoint where your company stands in the market. Very well said! But the financial information also aids in effective strategy planning, which can be achieved only if the flow of information is effectively managed. Precisely, this is where Management Information system comes into play. A MIS report compiled by our expert financial analysts provides comprehensive numbers that focuses on balance sheets, cash flows, and income statements. We at AINO, ably combine these MIS reports with MIS budgeting to generate group wise or department wise profitability statements.

Our MIS service can do wonders for your strategy planning.

1. Inventory reports

With the help of MIS report, it is a cake walk to generate any thing you need to know about the inventory of your firm. Be it reports pertaining to stock status, monthly utilization, inactive stocks, process and return receipts, or item costs and current values, everything is available at the tip of fingers.

2. Accounts receivable / Accounts payable (AR/AP)

With the help of MIS report, our financial analysts provide you with aged payables and receivables, classification of invoices, sales reports, customer reports and cash requirements.

3. Bank reconciliation

Our MIS service also aids to have a daily check and control the bank accounts. All aspects of returned checks, cancelled checks and account statements of bank are duly taken care of and reconciled. If the need arises, we also provide effective suggestions for your immediate attention.

4. Cash and check registers:

What can be a better way to gauge where exactly does the money flow? With all information available, it becomes very easy to pinpoint each and every deduction or expenditure and they also aid to plan the future budget.

5. Custom reports:

In addition to the above reports, our expert finance professionals would be always ready to provide any other information that can help in optimizing the operations and achieving higher growth. For instance, we easily accomplish requests from clients to generate reports that are basically necessary to comply with regulations or to prepare future budget projections.

6. Annual Filing of Company

Once, the Annual General Meeting is finished and the audited financial statements are embraced by the Company, it must be documented with the Registrar. The filing of the audited financial statements of the company in the recommended format to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs is called as filing of annual return of a company. The annual return of the company must be documented inside 60 long periods of the date on which the annual general meeting of the company was held.